Conference Venue

The Conference on September 7-11 takes place in the Kursaal of Donostia located at the mouth of the Urumea river on the Zurriola Beach in Donostia / San Sebastian. The address reads:

  • Kursaal,
    Zurriola Hiribidea, 1,
    20002 Donostia / San Sebastian,
    Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain
  • (+34) 943 00 30 00
  • (43.324322° N, 1.978684° W)
  • link to map

Kursaal of Donostia

  • Donostia at sunset
  • Kursaal from close
  • Appreciate the size
  • ...
  • Mouth of the river Urumea
  • Chamber Hall
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The Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium (or simply Kursaal) is a complex comprising several spaces: a great auditorium, many-use halls, and exhibition halls. It was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, and is located on the Zurriola Beach in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Kursaal consists of two large prismatic volumes that emerge from a platform. Each "cube" (as they are known) is formed by an inner prismatic structure, surrounded by double translucent glass panels, which are supported by a metallic structure. Between the cubes there is a big walkable surface with sights to the Zurriola Beach and the mouth of the Urumea river. It is said that the author designed these cubes as if they were “two beached rocks”, with the aim of perpetuating the geography and emphasizing the harmony between the natural and the artificial. The Kursaal of Donostia is the result of an ambitious project to equip the city with a modern and innovative infrastructure to house congresses and cultural events.

(Sources: Wikipedia and Kursaal website.)